iDesign News Release

iDesign Version v8.1

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iDesign News History

  +     iDesign Version v6.1.2
  -     iDesign Version v6.1.2
    - To simplify deactivation process.
    - To simplify activation screen with 4 boxes concept.
    - To re-package installer without running Access Engine
      directly but rather to be installed as separate program,
      found under the installed Support sub folder.
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  +     iDesign Version v6.1
  -     iDesign Version v6.1
    New version v6.1 - Keyless(Software Licences Only)
    - iDesign goes keyless!
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  +     iDesign Version v5.1.4
  -     iDesign Version v5.1.4
    - Fixes to allow users to make use of iDesign even as a
     Standard User.
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